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    Hello. Sorry I need to mix this description up a bit because your site states this is a duplicate topic. I did a quick search through your 230+ posts and couldn’t find it. (you might want to consider adding a search bar to search through posts, it would be helpful!)

    I am receiving the below message. However when I review the settings page, everything looks to be working. This has been an ongoing issue for about 5 months. I reviewed my account and there is no renewal notice. My invoice states “Order #69881 was placed on April 18, 2018 and is currently Completed”. Your site states 1 year of updates, so I don’t think I am outside the update period.

    How may I go about fixing this glitch and prevent it from happening again?

    “A license key for fedex could not be found. Maybe you forgot to enter a license key when setting up fedex, or the key was deactivated in your account. You can reactivate license key at your plugin settings page.”

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