Multi Carrier shipping

How to select a shipping method based on the total weight of the cart, USPS for under 10 LBS and UPS for the rest.

Most of the WooCommerce store owners, having small businesses prefer to work with a single shipping carrier. However, in case of large business owners, they may be using more than one shipping carrier together. This scenario may lead to some complex shipping cases. In this article, we will be discussing one of the shipping scenarios that may arise in case of multiple shipping carriers. According to Todd, a WooCommerce store owner who uses multiple shipping carriers, "...I need to [...]

FedEx Shipping plugin

Will WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin work with Country Colombia and currency Colombian Peso?

Most of the WooCommerce store owners are not sure whether some shipping carriers support their country as well as their currency. Moreover, in some cases, store owners are not aware of the shipping services which are valid for their country. One of our customers also came up with a similar issue. According to Jose, "Can you please confirm if there is some problem with the country set as Colombia and Currency, as COP - Colombian Peso..? Will the plugin work [...]

UPS LTL Freight

Add Pallet and Special Padding cost to UPS LTL Freight shipments for Woocommerce store

For those customers who are involved in the business including heavy items, UPS Freight is one of the most reliable shipping options. However, most of the times, heavy products require more and heavy packaging material to avoid any damage to the product. Online store owners have not other options but to include such materials in the package. In doing so, the weight of the package increases. Also, they have to bear the cost of this additional material. So, in [...]

UPS Shipments

Optimize your Back-Office Experience in Handling UPS Shipments

There are a lot of options when it comes to WooCommerce shipping. However, this quantity decreases when we focus on the needs of the store owners. The reason being, most of the plugins focus very well on the customer's needs. These plugins get the shipping quotes accurately based on the shipping carrier. Some even calculate shipping rates based on various conditions. Yet, there seems to be a major thing that is missing, especially on the part of a store [...]

EasyPost Shipping method Plugin

Integration: Klarna with EasyPost Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce

Klarna Payment Gateway seems to change the way people pay for goods and services. And people are loving the new way. We'll see more of that in this article and will also see how fine its integration can go with EasyPost Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce. One thing interesting about both the plugins is that they do traditional things in a different way. With EasyPost Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce, you can integrate different carriers and track the shipments from all of [...]

Amazon Payments Gateway for WooCommerce

Why Amazon Payments Gateway for WooCommerce?

Amazon payments gateway for WooCommerce is one of the fastest growing gateways in terms of integrations as well as customers. A report from January 2016 states that there were 310 million active users registered with And as much as 65,000 businesses are using Amazon Payments as one of the gateways in their stores. Since there is no stopping of the popularity of Amazon, its customers are growing at a high rate per financial year since 2014. These customers [...]

Best UPS shipping plugin

WooCommerce UPS Shipping Method vs XAdapter’s UPS Shipping plugin – A comparison between two UPS Shipping Solutions

There are a lot of store owners who prefer a shipping carrier as reliable as UPS. It is one of the most trusted shipping carriers when it comes to shipping. UPS supports domestic as well as international shipping. WooCommerce store owners can integrate UPS Shipping services to their store with the help of UPS Shipping plugins. However, WordPress being such a huge community, choosing the best UPS Shipping plugin for your store can be tiresome. This article will help [...]

Kalium Theme with Table Rate Shipping Pro

Kalium Theme compatibility with WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro

There are tons of WordPress themes suitable for WooCommerce. Most of them can be easily made to work with WooCommerce. However, in some cases, the chances of a theme working flawlessly with WooCommerce become quite slim. The reason being, there are a lot of plugins with advanced functionality within a WooCommerce store. So in that case, it is very important for a theme to be compatible with both WooCommerce and the other advanced plugins. In this article, we will [...]

woocommerce store

8 Great Tips to Improve Sales in your WooCommerce Store during the Holiday Season

The Holiday season starts with the Black Friday and ends with the most-awaited day of the year, Christmas. It is that time of the year when you will see a huge traffic coming down to your WooCommerce store. Or you might want to attract potential visitors into happy buyers. Whatever may be the case, you have to prepare your WooCommerce to make heavy profits. During this high time, customers look out for discounted prices on products, time-sensitive deliveries, websites saying [...]

WordPress Plugins

6 WordPress Plugins To Make Your WooCommerce Store Look Great

Managing a vast shop can be a hideous task. To make it look appealing and easy to use for our customers need special efforts. WooCommerce comes with all basic functions both in the frontend and the backend. But it provides a platform to customize our WooCommerce store to make it look great. WordPress plugins help us in achieving this. In this article, we'll see how we can transform our online store and make it look really professional. Here are the 6 WordPress [...]