Ways to Download WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers

You can download all the WordPress users and WooCommerce customers of your WordPress website with the use of a plugin. The best plugin to do that is the WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin.

Using this plugin, you can download users and customer details from your website. For a WooCommerce store to function properly, the users have a lot of data associated with it. The plugin will also download all the required metadata associated with the user data.

To download the user or customer data from a website, the plugin exports all the data to a CSV file. When you export the data from the store, all the users and customers are downloaded as CSV file on your computer.

There are three ways in which you can download the WordPress and WooCommerce data using the plugin:

  1. Download from the plugin page,
  2. Download from the WordPress Users page, and
  3. Scheduled download via FTP.

Download From Plugin Page

To download users and customers from the plugin page, install and activate the plugin on your WooCommerce website. Then, go to WooCommerce > Customer Import Export. This will take you to the plugin page.

WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin - Export Settings

From the plugin page, you can filter the customers that you are downloading. You can filter the data to be downloaded based on user roles of the users. Also, you can download a partial list of the data using the limit and the Offset field.

You can also download a partial list of users who registered on the website. The fields Start Date and End Date is for specifying the dates within which the users will be downloaded in the CSV file.

Next, select the delimiter to be used in the CSV file and the columns to be imported. After all that has been done, click on Export Users. This will export the users in a CSV file and download it on your computer.

Download From the WordPress Users Page

You can directly download the export file with all the fields. To do that, navigate to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Users. The Users page appears as shown below:

Users Page

To export Users, select them. From Bulk Action drop-down list, select Download as CSV and click Apply. All the information about selected User(s) gets auto-downloaded to CSV file.

In this method, you get to choose the which users you want to download. But you do not get to choose what information about the users you want to download. All the information about the users will be downloaded to the CSV file on your computer.

Scheduled Download via FTP

For scheduled export of the user and customer data, you have to give the FTP details of the server to which the file will be downloaded to. To give the FTP credentials, go to the Settings tab.

FTP Settings for Export Users

From the settings tab, enable FTP and provide the FTP details. Schedule the time at which you want the automatic export to occur and also give other necessary information for the export. And then click on Save Settings.

These are the three methods with which you can download the WordPress users and WooCommerce customers. For more details about the plugin, visit the product page and read the product documentation.

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