Using Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin in order tock

‘Offering your products’ at discounted rates is probably the most tried and tested way of improving sales. But gaining the right value from it would require some well thought out discount strategies.
There are several ways of offering discounts such as, by creating product bundles; by giving buy one and get one offers; Seasonal/Festival discounts; Discounts based on Payment or shipping methods etc.
One such type of discount is “Stock”
The retailers told.

Levi’s offered buy-two get-two scheme on most of its items. Similarly, footwear majors Reebok and Bata have also offered up to 50 per cent discount.

Keeping in mind the importance of managing stock manager ($0) and our Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin ($69)

What is a WooCommerce Stock Manager plugin?

WooCommerce Stock of all your products and their variations right from one single page.
Apart from product sto the products like price, weight etc.
When the stock management.
Any updating done here is directly reflected in the frontend and as soon as a product has been purchased, you can see the change in the backend.
The plugin takes in all the info directly from WooCommerce, thus any import/export of products or data can be done through the WooCommerce import/export functionality.

How our Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin can help?

As you must know that a Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin is used tock.
Isn’t that great!
With this feature of the Dynamic Pricing plugin, you can easily configure ‘Season end clearance sale.’

Let’s say some of your products have a stagnant stock.
With Dynamic Pricing plugin, you need not worry about that!
You can simply setup a discount rule under the Cart Rules of the Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin giving it Stock limits as restriction.
What you just did is automate your End of the Year Clearance Sale!
The plugin would simply pickup any product having the sto it.
Thus, boosting its sale.

For the purpose of highlighting the clearance sale and making the campaign effectively meet its end goal, plugins like WooCommerce Conditional Content ($49) would be of great help.
With the above plugin, you can float a content on products which are having higher sto act sooner.
WooCommerce Conditional Content

Further tips

There are some other features of the Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin that would help you add some more specifics tock Clearance campaign.

  1. Add ‘beginning’ and ‘expiry’ dates. Though you can always delete the rules whenever you want. But, automating the activation and deactivation would ease out your efforts.
  2. Restricting the discount based on user roles. You can choose tomers.
  3. Adding a Maximum discount amount. It might happen that you would want to give away more than intended.

Moreover, once you get hold of the WooCommerce Conditional Content plugin, you would naturally come up with some more ideas on the content to be displayed throughout your site.

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