Troubleshoot – Getting Long Code while Quoting UPS Rates!

It is not necessary that every person technically well-known. Especially when it comes to online business. Developing an online business solution requires a lot of technical knowledge about coding and designing. But to start an online business there are no such requirements.

One of our customers helped us reach this conclusion when he came up with a strange issue. According to Mario, who owns a WooCommerce online store,

Why am I getting this long list of errors, this long code, everytime I check quote on shipping?

Well for developers, this may not seem quiet bothering. But for a normal person like Mario himself, things like these can be a nightmare. The store owners may think either the plugin has crashed the whole website or they may blame themselves for clicking an option that resulted in this so-called error.

So let us see what was the reason behind Mario’s nightmare.

Debug Data while quoting UPS Rates

The long code or the error that Mario faced while quoting UPS rates, is actually the debug data. The debug data is very useful while debugging or trying to solve some errors. The debug data generally includes two things:

  • The UPS Shipping plugin Request
  • UPS Response

The UPS Shipping plugin Request

The UPS Shipping plugin sends some data to the UPS Servers. This data may include the UPS Account login info, the weights and dimensions of the shipment, shipping methods, UPS Shipping services selected by the customer, etc. It also includes geographic location details of both the shipper’s address as well as the customer’s address.

All this data helps UPS to successfully and accurately calculate the shipping charges.

UPS Response

The UPS Response is the data sent by the official UPS Servers to the plugin. This data includes the acknowledged data received by the UPS Servers in the request. But most importantly it includes all the official UPS rates returned, based on the customer’s details.

Besides, the response, as well as the request, can help in case of any inaccuracy in terms of rates or any errors.

Disabling Debug Data

Debug data can be very helpful in case of errors. But when to comes to day to day working of the store, this data doesn’t need to be available all the time. So UPS Shipping plugin allows you to enable or disable it based on the need.

In UPS Shipping plugin’s settings, you can disable the debug data and it would not be visible while accessing the store. The image below shows the setting options:

Disabling Debug Data

Disabling Debug Data

After disabling this option, the debug data won’t be available to customers but if needed, it can be enabled anytime from the same settings.

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