Trouble Shooting Magento 2 Shipping Extensions


This article explains how to troubleshoot Magento 2.x shipping extensions.

Why Shipping extension not working

The shipping extension may not be working due to following reasons,

  1. Incorrect installation of the extension.
  2. Invalid account information(If the extension works with API calls).
  3. Incorrect configuration of the extension.
  1. Incorrect Installation of the extension

    In this case, you might have missed some files while installing or copying. To make sure you have all the required files after installing the extension, go to  Magento admin Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping Methods, you should find your new shipping extension listed there. If it is listed there your extension is installed perfectly. If it is not listed there check you installation. To know how to install and activate your shipping extension read this article .

  2. Invalid account information

    If your shipping extension is working with API call then make sure that all the data regarding the API is configured correctly. Here the problem may be incorrect userid, password, api key. If this is the problem, the extension will not work. To find what went wrong, you have a way to check it. The following steps explain how to achieve it.

    1. Enable debug option by selecting yes in your extension configuration and save it. Disable all other shipping extensions for easy troubleshooting.
    2. Now go to your website and add a product to cart and checkout.
    3. Go to Magento root folder and move to  var -> log -> debug.
    4. Open the file and Scroll down to the end of it for finding the exact problem. Few common errors are authentication failed, invalid credential, missing required data.
    5. Meanwhile, open the error_log file in Magento root directory to check for any error with the site.
    6. Now you know what went wrong. Fix it and try again.
  3. Incorrect configuration of the extension

    Configuring your extension incorrectly will result in no shipping method in cart/checkout page. Check for maximum package weight, if it is less than the weight of the product(s) in the cart, then the shipping method will not be available.
    For Example: If my Maximum package weight is 1lbs and the product weight is 2.5lbs. In this case, the maximum package weight is exceeding. So there will be no shipping method available in cart and checkout page from this shipping extension.

    Another checkpoint is that the credentials used may be for a test account and configuration setting is for live mode.

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