Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

Customizing the Dynamic Pricing Plugin with Flatsome theme

Flatsome theme is definitely becoming the first choice for every WordPress users. As a number of our customization that can be achieved while you use Flatsome theme along with our Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin for WooCommerce. As an end user of the Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin, you must be knowing that “Pricing Tables” and “Offers” are the most important feature of the plugin as through these gateways, the available discounts and offers are conveyed tomers. You would sometimes want [...]

WooCommerce Catalog Mode, Wholesale & Role Based Pricing

WooCommerce Catalog Mode, Wholesale & Role Based Pricing – 10 Awesome things you can do with the plugin

WooCommerce Catalog Mode, Wholesale & Role Based Pricing, as the name suggests, the plugin is used to maintenance mode, by hiding the products. Isn’t it surprising to provide you these wide range of functionalities. Following are some of the amazing things which can be achieved by this plugin – 1. You can either decide to the unregistered users. The price adjustment for unregistered users can be either for all products or for specific categories. 2. Even at the product level you get an option [...]

Top WooCommerce Themes

10+ Fully Compatible themes with Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin for WooCommerce

WooCommerce currently powers up 30% of all the e-commerce sites in the world and that number is growing day by day. As more and more store owners are preferring WooCommerce over the existing options, the demand for the right WooCommerce themes are increasing like never before. While choosing the right WooCommerce extensions is challenging, choosing the right theme can get three-fold more hectic, as there are to need. Thus, in order to use the WooCommerce or WordPress recommended themes like 1.

Using Cart Notices plugin along with Dynamic Pricing plugin

Once you are to integrate the plugins and get the best result out of it. Some plugins when used in conjunction with another works as a powerful to market your products and boost sales. For an WooCommerce store. In this article, I shall discuss how to use the Dynamic Pricing plugin by XAdapter along with the Cart Notices plugin by SkyVerge. Dynamic Pricing plugin is used to users. If the discount is a product based one and is applicable right from unit quantity [...]

Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin – New version released with amazing features and enhancements

After a good amount of research and feedbacks from our customers, we have come up with a revamped version of Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin. Along with a whole lot of new features, the plugin has an improved interface.     When we heard that our cusdocumentation for any help. Further, through customer interactions and understanding their requirements, we have included a number of new useful features. We had received some custoo. The following are the new features added – 1. An option which would let you [...]