EasyPost Shipping Method for WooCommerce

EasyPost Shipping Method for WooCommerce Introduces Sender Country Field

The present users of EasyPost Shipping Method for WooCommerce would know that the plugin does a wonderful job for stores located in the USA. It has been used for getting domestic and international shipping rates, printing labels and automatic tracking. The plugin combines services from USPS, FedEx, and UPS to your WooCommerce store. For someone referring EasyPost for the first time, it is an advanced integration of 100+ carriers through one RESTFul API. Inside of WooCommerce the plugin currently [...]

order fulfillment

Best Order Fulfillment Process for WooCommerce – Dropshipping or Third-Party Shipping Service?

WooCommerce is one of the best online marketplaces for your business. You can easily set up your store with some or no knowledge of programming. And if you need a particular functionality then you can add it by installing the right plugin. However, there are some areas where you need to pay attention while choosing the right plugin for your store. If you end up installing the wrong order fulfillment plugin then it might mess up with your complete business strategy. [...]

conditional shipping

How to Set up Conditional Shipping with XAdapter’s Multi-Carrier Plugin

The power to control the shipping methods is something that many WooCommerce store owners seek. Controlling or limiting certain shipping methods to different regions can help them to achieve various business scenarios. If you are looking for a plugin that allows you to perform conditional shipping then you are more likely to stumble upon the Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin. This plugin has features to modify the settings in such a way that you can easily configure the shipping methods based on your business need. Moreover, you can also decide how [...]

Troubleshoot – Getting Long Code while Quoting UPS Rates!

It is not necessary that every person technically well-known. Especially when it comes to online business. Developing an online business solution requires a lot of technical knowledge about coding and designing. But to start an online business there are no such requirements. One of our customers helped us reach this conclusion when he came up with a strange issue. According to Mario, who owns a WooCommerce online store, Why am I getting this long list of errors, this long code, everytime [...]

Troubleshoot – No Option to Print Return Shipping Label!

Many of the WooCommerce store owners prefer UPS Shipping services to deliver shipments across the world. UPS serves as a complete solution for the online store owners. One such store owners, Brian, who has an online electronic store based in Georgia, USA, came up with an issue regarding the return shipping label. According to Brian, We have decided to provide return shipping labels with the package instead of providing them separately afterwards. But I am not able to find the option [...]

How to Show/Hide UPS Negotiated Rates?

With UPS Shipping plugin, you can get the real-time rates directly from UPS to your store. Since the rates are fetched from the store owner's UPS account, sometimes they have additional services enabled in their account. These features or services may impact the final rate that UPS Shipping plugin may get from UPS. Some of these services include UPS negotiated rates, tax on rates, etc. These services need to be checked by the store owner and if availed, need to [...]

Why can’t I see UPS Freight rates on cart page?

One of our customers was facing issues regarding the Freight Shipping options. According to the customer: Hello, I have UPS plugins, but I can't work. When I finished address it can't calculate the freight. Hope you reply thanks So basically, while on the cart page, he was not able to check the Freight Rates for shipping as the UPS Freight services were not showing there. Enabling Freight Services While wanting the shipping rates for UPS Freight, one thing needs to be kept in [...]

Troubleshoot – Print Label Option Not Available in WooCommerce Orders

After successfully installing the UPS Shipping plugin and activating it, there are a lot of things that a store owner should keep in mind. Before trying your hands on order confirmation or label printing you need to set it up completely and accurately. After that, if still there is something that stops you from printing the shipping label successfully, then you need to check some specific settings. A similar case happened with one of our customers. Let's take a look at [...]

Residential or Commercial Address in UPS Shipping plugin

If you have ever shipped any package using UPS Shipping services, you may be well aware of the fact that UPS charges differently for different address types. Based on the address, UPS may charge you less if the address provided by you is a Commercial Address. Whereas, if the address is a Residential Address, UPS generally charge more shipping charges. Consider this customer's scenario: Will the UPS plugin determine the address to be Commercial or Residential? There is a price variation [...]