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Best Order Fulfillment Process for WooCommerce – Dropshipping or Third-Party Shipping Service?

WooCommerce is one of the best online marketplaces for your business. You can easily set up your store with some or no knowledge of programming. And if you need a particular functionality then you can add it by installing the right plugin. However, there are some areas where you need to pay attention while choosing the right plugin for your store. If you end up installing the wrong order fulfillment plugin then it might mess up with your complete business strategy. [...]

Packing a Product that Ships in Two Boxes using UPS Box Packing

One of our customers came up with an interesting business case that had been bothering her for quite some time. Our customer, Jayne has an online store where she was facing the following issue. According to Jayne: Hello! We sell Vials (ex. 1000 seals per package) and they ship in two boxes. We know the box sizes(16"x13"x13" each) and the weights(21+21 lbs) with the items packed. What would be the best way to set-up the plugin? I've been doing trial and errors [...]

Weight based Packing using UPS Shipping plugin

Sometimes WooCommerce store owners come up with a special scenario which needs something different from the usual. Such was the case with one of our customers, where he wanted the plugin to calculate the shipping rates based on the billable weight of the package. According to the customer, I want the plugin to calculate the rates based on the billable weight of the package ONLY. As most of the time my products don't have dimensions, so I would prefer a method [...]

Why UPS Shipping Methods are not listed under WooCommerce Shipping Zones..?

WooCommerce Shipping Zones is a great feature. Especially when working with Free Shipping or Flat Rate shipping for different zones. However, WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin with Print Label is an independent plugin. Hence it doesn't require to be configured for each shipping zone in WooCommerce. As a result, UPS Shipping methods are not listed under WooCommerce Shipping Zones specifically. Basically, adding a complete shipping solution like UPS Shipping plugin under WooCommerce Shipping Zones is a complete overkill. As UPS Shipping plugin [...]

Locating UPS Access Point for your WooCommerce Shipments

While running an online WooCommerce store, you are bound to face many problems. Be it dealing with the customer issues or shipping their orders across the world, such problems are never easy. But there is a specific problem that both customers and the online store owners face. And that problem mainly rises during shipping. This article covers the need of Access Point service offered by UPS Shipping services and how the store owners can avail this service directly within their [...]

Customize UPS Freight Shipping selection based on Product’s Weight

WooCommerce has emerged as a platform where any person can set up his or her online business. It provides tons of opportunities and tools that help in developing the business and achieving greater heights. One such way WooCommerce helps businesses to grow is by proving the ability to reach out to customers. Delivering products to customers has been an important aspect of any online business. Be it an online art gallery or an automobile modification store, product shipping has [...]

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking using UPS Shipping Plugin

While delivering orders to the customers, the store owner has to keep a lot of things in mind. Easy shipping and proper shipment tracking are among the most important aspects of online shipping. Being a WooCommerce store owner, you might as well have to worry about your customer's order delivery. Hence, this article will focus on WooCommerce shipment tracking using UPS Shipping plugin. It will help you understand how you can generate a Tracking ID and find the delivery [...]

An Insight into UPS Shipping Boxes for WooCommerce

When it comes to delivering packaging across domestic and international borders, the UPS Shipping services is one of the best that is available. Be it for online or offline business owners, UPS Shipping service provides hassle-free package delivery. With our WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin, the idea has always been to provide all the amazing UPS shipping services to store owners, directly within the WooCommerce store. This plugin serves all the needs of store owners who are looking for the best [...]

Understanding UPS Packaging Charges using WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin

Shipping customer's orders have become one of the most important aspects for WooCommerce store owners for quite some time now. Among all other processes involved in shipping, product packaging still seems a bit confusing for some store owners. This has made it very difficult for them to determine the accurate package and shipping cost based on their business needs. This article will focus on the various UPS Package options and will help store owners understand UPS box-packaging calculations better. As a result, [...]