order fulfillment

Best Order Fulfillment Process for WooCommerce – Dropshipping or Third-Party Shipping Service?

WooCommerce is one of the best online marketplaces for your business. You can easily set up your store with some or no knowledge of programming. And if you need a particular functionality then you can add it by installing the right plugin. However, there are some areas where you need to pay attention while choosing the right plugin for your store. If you end up installing the wrong order fulfillment plugin then it might mess up with your complete business strategy. [...]

perishable items

A Guide to Shipping Perishable Items in WooCommerce using FedEx Shipping Plugin

WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms that allow business owners to sell items. And you might already know that shipping products like the t-shirt and electronic item, is quite an easy job. However, the story changes when the store owner has to ship perishable items to their customers. These type of items are very delicate in nature and need special attention. Store owners have to take into account of all the possible things that can go wrong [...]

Best Ways to provide Shipping Discounts

Most of the store owners are often inclined to provide shipping discounts or even Free Shiping to their customers. It is one of the best ways to improve sales and popularity of your store. However, when it comes to discounts, E-commerce store owners don't really know how much is too much and what are the best ways to provide shipping discounts. This article will cover some of the best ways to provide shipping discount to the customers. With the help [...]

Freight Shipping

Factors affecting your Freight Shipping Rates

While shipping products across the globe it is very common to commit mistakes. Sometimes you may miscalculate package weight or even the shipping carrier you have chosen may not be the best suited for the job. These small mistakes may cost a little while shipping common products. But this is not the case with Freight. While shipping normal products may or may not be a risky job, but when it comes to freight shipping, things need to be perfect. [...]

Calculate Shipping Rates for Pickup and Non Pickup Products

WooCommerce allows store owners different ways to ship packages across the globe. From domestic and international shipping to local pickup, different businesses can have different modes of sending products to the buyers. While shipping has additional costs attached to it, local pickup service allows the buyer to collect the package directly from the store. In such diverse cases, there are times when it becomes difficult to manage the shipping and pickups together. In this article, we will discuss a special [...]

shipping rates

How to Configure the Shipping Rates in WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin

The Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin is the best solution for the store owners looking to offer multiple shipping services to their customers. The plugin offers a great control over the returned shipping rates and services from the respective shipping APIs. It lets you configure the shipping rates by either increasing or decreasing the API returned shipping rates. You can also decide how the products will be packed into the boxes. Moreover, if the order does not meet the shipping rules then [...]

Optimize Shipping Rates for your Customers using WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin

WooCommerce store owners have been worried about shipping their products across the globe for a long time. The shipping services that store owners provide becomes an important factor for their business. Moreover, the shipping rates that they provide their customers play a vital role in the traffic and sales of the website. In such a case, the store owners need to find ways to optimize WooCommerce shipping for their customers. This article will cover some of the techniques WooCommerce [...]

Setting up Weight Based Shipping Rates using Shipping Pro

The shipping industry has supported eCommerce a lot. Be it the huge online businesses or small store owners, shipping the products to customers has been the top concern for all of them. While WordPress has a lot of shipping plugins, almost none of them provide as much flexibility as WooCommerce Table Rates Shipping Pro. Let us take a real-life scenario where the flexibility of WooCommerce Table Rates Shipping Pro resulted in letting the store owner achieve a shipping solution based on [...]