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How to Ship Alcohol with WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin?

Wine has a huge demand in Australia as well as in the global markets.  And WooCommerce helps you reach to be followed before you can send alcohol via Australia Post. To summarize the terms and conditions for shipping dangerous goods, Australia Post doesn't ship: Products that the Commonwealth, a state or territory prohibits. If the packing is not up to the standards. If the product is to pack, like perishable items and products having sharp edges without a guard. Poisons, [...]

ship dangerous goods dhl

How to Ship Dangerous Goods and Lithium Battery with WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin

DHL helps you to sure if the item you are shipping falls under dangerous goods category, you can always have a look at the Material Safety Data Sheet. DHL complies with the regulations of the International Air Transport Association regulations, Offers services to all countries in International Civil Aviation Organisation, and Is coherent with 49 Code of Federal Regulations. But, it is the sender who decides and chooses the mode of transport for the dangerous goods he is to ship dangerous [...]