How tore?

Bruce has a WooCommerce sto configure discount or markup value for all products, based on user roles. But Bruce wants to sell at its original price. Although we have seen a simple demonstration of price adjustment in this part of product setting up article, in this article, we will see how tore. The Initial setup The initial price setup in Bruce's store is as shown in the screenshot below. Notice the price of each product. Let us now add a discount of 10% tore. Following screenshot [...]

UPS Shipping Rate Adjustment based on Destination Country

WooCommerce allows sto the shipping cost. One of the sto configure soonest possible, your help in this regard is really appreciated." In this article, we will discuss how you can adjust your shipping rates based on the destination country. It will cover a step by step guide to configure Shameel's business case using WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin. Shipping Rate Adjustment There are instances where stors like destination country. In case of Shameel, he already has a dedicated shipping discount list where he has defined [...]