How to exclude certain products from Price adjustments on your WooCommerce store?

Bruce has a WooCommerce store in which he wants to set up price adjustments for his products. He uses our WooCommerce Catalog Mode, Wholesale and Role Based Pricing plugin for achieving this goal. The price adjustment feature in the plugin is used to configure discount or markup value for all products, based on user roles. But Bruce wants to exclude some product from the price adjustment, to sell at its original price. Although we have seen a simple demonstration of price adjustment [...]

UPS Shipping Rate Adjustment based on Destination Country

WooCommerce allows store owners to provide shipping rates to their customers. However, WooCommerce doesn't provide a way to adjust shipping rates based on the destination. Generally, store owners require real-time shipping rates from the shipping giants like UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, etc. based on their preference. Still, they prefer some mechanism of shipping rate adjustment. This way they can easily provide discounts on shipping to those locations where the demand is higher. Further, it also allows them to add [...]