Address Validation and Google Autocomplete Plugin for WooCommerce

How Address Validation and Google Auto-Complete is Used for Precise Shipping?

Are you incurring losses due to incorrect addresses entered by customers and thus leading to undelivered packages? Are you tired of contacting customers for getting the address corrected? This article guides you through Address Validation and Google Autocomplete Plugin for WooCommerce. We all know how big is Google and no doubt that they have made some amazing applications. Google has made our lives easier by creating a lot of applications. One of them is the Google maps. Google has a Place [...]

Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin for WooCommerce : A way to show loyalty to your customers

This article is intended to give solution to a business case related to Pricing and Discounts. Every store owner feels the necessity to offer discounts and free products to his customers. Here we shall consider the following business case - When a customer purchases a Product (for example a Diary), you want to give another product for free (for example a Pen). And with every subsequent purchase of Pen, he would get some discount. A point to be noted is that, [...]