Freight Shipping

Factors affecting your Freight Shipping Rates

While shipping products across the globe it is very common to commit mistakes. Sometimes you may miscalculate package weight or even the shipping carrier you have chosen may not be the best suited for the job. These small mistakes may cost a little while shipping common products. But this is not the case with Freight. While shipping normal products may or may not be a risky job, but when it comes to freight shipping, things need to be perfect. [...]

Customize UPS Freight Shipping selection based on Product’s Weight

WooCommerce has emerged as a platform where any person can set up his or her online business. It provides tons of opportunities and tools that help in developing the business and achieving greater heights. One such way WooCommerce helps businesses to grow is by proving the ability to reach out to customers. Delivering products to customers has been an important aspect of any online business. Be it an online art gallery or an automobile modification store, product shipping has [...]