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How to Legally Ship Alcohol Products via FedEx

FedEx ships more than 10 million packages every day. This makes FedEx one of the most successful shipping companies in the world. Both consumers and business owners use the various FedEx services in order to ship their parcels. Items like the clothing materials, toys, books and electronic products can be easily shipped with almost no restrictions. However, while FedEx allows people to ship most items there are some items that need special permissions. In order to ship alcohol items, store [...]

Calculate Shipping Rates for Pickup and Non Pickup Products

WooCommerce allows store owners different ways to ship packages across the globe. From domestic and international shipping to local pickup, different businesses can have different modes of sending products to the buyers. While shipping has additional costs attached to it, local pickup service allows the buyer to collect the package directly from the store. In such diverse cases, there are times when it becomes difficult to manage the shipping and pickups together. In this article, we will discuss a special [...]

How to Setup Free Shipping along with Calculated Rates for Some Products?

There are many instances where online store owners do not want to provide their customers with the pre-calculated shipping rates. The shipping giants such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. may provide shipping services across the world. But the shipping rates they charge may not be ideal for some customers. That's why many  WooCommerce store owners now prefer their own calculated rates for shipping. This way they can choose the products with free shipping and those with charges. But along with [...]