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How to Legally Ship Alcohol Products via FedEx

FedEx ships more than 10 million packages every day. This makes FedEx one of the most successful shipping companies in the world. Both consumers and business owners use the various FedEx services in order to satisfy the requirements and forms for items such as spirits, wine and other alcoholic items. In this article, we will make shipping your alcohol a little bit easier. We will guide you on how tomers. So, without any further delay let us get on with the [...]

Calculate Shipping Rates for Pickup and Non Pickup Products

WooCommerce allows stogether. In this article, we will discuss a special shipping scenario where both shipping, as well as local pickup, can create a confusion for the stogether. Christy's issue - Pickup And Shipping Online store owner was having trouble with her shipping scenario. Christy owns an online electronic stotal price of all the products in the cart will determine the shipping cost. Based on that, she had created a shipping table, which you can see below. The issue arose with the products which they [...]

How to Setup Free Shipping along with Calculated Rates for Some Products?

There are many instances where online store owners now prefer their own calculated rates for shipping. This way they can choose the products with free shipping and those with charges. But along with the perks, preparing a calculated shipping rates table has its own loopholes. The biggest one being its implementation. A sto personalise the shipping rates on his website, but whether it can be implemented or not, is the real question. In this article, we will discuss WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping [...]