How to debug Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin?

In the latest version of the Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin, the debugging is made lots simpler. Debugging data is visible in the “Product Page”, “Cart Page” and the “Checkout Page” What information are contained in the debug data? 1. Which Rule type is being applied. 2. Which rule no. is being applied. 3. The original price, discount and the discounted price. How to turn on the debug mode? 1. Go to the product page. 2. In the URL, add “ ?debug ” then click on enter 3. [...]

Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin for WooCommerce : A way tomers

This article is intended to Pricing and Discounts. Every stomers. Here we shall consider the following business case - When a customers, the regular price would remain the sales price. To break it down - “The price of the Diary is - $200 The price of the Pen is - $139. When someone purchase one Diary, give one Pen for free. But, for every subsequent purchase of the pen, give each unit for $100.” There can be many reasons as to do that. First case can be [...]

Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin – New version released with amazing features and enhancements

After a good amount of research and feedbacks from our customers, we have come up with a revamped version of Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin. Along with a whole lot of new features, the plugin has an improved interface.     When we heard that our custo the documentation for any help. Further, through customer interactions and understanding their requirements, we have included a number of new useful features. We had received some custoo. The following are the new features added – 1. An option which would [...]

Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin wins two ecommerce software awards

Since the time we started working on Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin, our prime intention had been tories has served as a motivation and helped us get a step ahead in our journey. We are happy to get recognized by such a significant platform trusted worldwide for their authentic software reviews. Their reviews answer every possible question one might have while searching for the right software. Just while the plugin is gaining huge popularity, getting an insightful review published [...]