Troubleshoot – Getting Long Code while Quoting UPS Rates!

It is not necessary that every person technically well-known. Especially when it comes to online business. Developing an online business solution requires a lot of technical knowledge about coding and designing. But to start an online business there are no such requirements. One of our customers helped us reach this conclusion when he came up with a strange issue. According to Mario, who owns a WooCommerce online store, Why am I getting this long list of errors, this long code, everytime [...]

How to debug Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin?

In the latest version of the Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin, the debugging is made lots simpler. Debugging data is visible in the “Product Page”, “Cart Page” and the “Checkout Page” What information are contained in the debug data? 1. Which Rule type is being applied. 2. Which rule no. is being applied. 3. The original price, discount and the discounted price. How to turn on the debug mode? 1. Go to the product page. 2. In the URL, add “ ?debug ” then click on enter 3. [...]