perishable items

A Guide to Shipping Perishable Items in WooCommerce using FedEx Shipping Plugin

WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms that allow business owners to follow proper rules and guidelines prescribed by the shipping carriers and the local laws. You should also follow the suggested packing methods that will ensure the safe arrival of these items. As you might be thinking, the process of delivering the perishable items would be quite long and risky, then that is not the case. If you are shipping your items using the FedEx services then this [...]

ship frozen

How to Ship Frozen Items using Dry Ice via FedEx

Different type of sto ship frozen items. But the problem to ship the frozen items. In this article, we will show you how tomers without much effort. How to prepare and ship frozen items The dry is the solid form of carbon dioxide. The good thing about using dry ice is that it has a lower temperature than that of water ice and it acts as a cooling agent when you want does not leave any residue which is the most important part [...]

conditional shipping

How to Set up Conditional Shipping with XAdapter’s Multi-Carrier Plugin

The power to the boxes. In this article, with an intent to use this plugin for your business case. So, without any further delay, let us quickly go through the article. First, we will show you how together. Grouping shipping methods on the Cart/Checkout page By using this plugin you can choose together. This way if there are two or more products in the Cart then the shipping cost will be the sum of the individual shipping costs. Let us understand both the [...]

USPS Packing options

WooCommerce USPS Packing Options with XAdapter’s USPS Shipping Plugin

Did you know that 50% of shipping cart abantomers. WooCommerce USPS packing, mostly depends upon your business sphere and the type of product you sell. Perfectly packed shipments incur less USPS shipping charges. Going through the article you will gain an insight of the packing options available with USPS. And this will certainly let you choose the best combinations available. We'll explore them in detail. Services, Rates, and Packing Options USPS Shipping plugin with Print Label provides you all options available with USPS. [...]

What is Stack First Packing Algorithm?

Once your custotal product weight. Why Stack First Packing Algorithm? Under Weight and dimension parcel packing method, we come across two packing algorithms namely, Volume-Based Box Packing  and Stack First Packing. While volume-based algorithm tries to the box. In these scenarios, you can opt for stack first packing algorithm. What is Stack First Packing Algorithm? By definition, in Stack First Packing Algorithm, items are stacked or piled untom box sizes of your own. In this packing algorithm, the dimension of the item is compared with the box dimension. Suppose, if the length is [...]

Packing a Product that Ships in Two Boxes using UPS Box Packing

One of our custore where she was facing the following issue. According to Jayne: Hello! We sell Vials (ex. 1000 seals per package) and they ship in two boxes. We know the box sizes(16"x13"x13" each) and the weights(21+21 lbs) with the items packed. What would be the best way doing trial and errors for a few days now, my biggest hurdle is having one product that ships in two boxes. Much help appreciated. Thank you! Looking at Jayne's issue, it can clearly be [...]

Understanding UPS Packaging Charges using WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin

Shipping custo determine the accurate package and shipping cost based on their business needs. This article will focus on the various UPS Package options and will help stomers across the globe. But before we go deep into the calculations, let us understand a basic scenario of manual packaging. Manual Packaging Process The basic aspect of packaging is the dimensions of the parcel. In case of manual packaging, the idea is to manually measure the dimensions. Only then will the package be ready for [...]