Variables products in orders (metadata problem?)

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      I’m trying to export then import orders containing a variable product on the live demo site, but it doesn’t work.

      Imported order differt from original one.

      Product metadata are not correctly imported.

      In orginal order :
      Variation product
      Variation ID: 124023
      Format: PDF

      In imported order :
      refunded: 0.00
      meta: format=PDF
      tax: 0.00

      In live demo site you can see orginal order 124025, imported order 124027.

      Is this a bug ?

      Can your plugin manage variables products in orders ?


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      Hello Poubelle,

      Apologize for the delay in reply.

      Our latest version of Order/Coupon/Subscription import export plugin (2.0.5) can export and and import Variation details.
      Please check our live demo and let us know if any help needed. Thanks for the feed back.

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      What is the syntax for multiple variables in variable orders?

      I have two fields for variation (2 in each, so a total of 4 combinations).how do I reflect that on CSV sheet?
      Would it be

      meta: format=PDF|meta: color=red

      Just use meta for all the tags?

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      For each field, you need to provide some columns like meta:attribute_pa_color, attribute:pa_color attribute_data:pa_color attribute_default:pa_color.

      The best way to work it out is to refer the sample csv in this article –

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