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    I made an export of some 30 orders, each containing one or a few simple products, where each product/line item has some extra meta associated with it. When I import this export csv the line item for the order shows the simple product ID as a variation ID with message ‘(does not exist anymore)’, and all meta is in a single ‘meta’ block separated with pipes and left unparsed. It this supposed to work this way?

    Greetings, Cas

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    The plugin checks the product in line items column using the product_id/sku. If it exists in the site with same id or SKU, the product will be connected to the order. Ensure that the product exists in the site with same ID.
    The meta values will be imported from line items columns if they are separated by pipe.

    Please share us the CSV via support if you are facing any issues.

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    Hi Mark,

    The product exists with the same ID, however the import seems to look for a variation by that number, and cannot find it. I will submit the CSV in question.

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