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      I have a question regard shipping within Spain.
      Do you have a plugin for Correos Express or Correos Spain?
      Something like USPS but in Spain. I really need a plugin for this country

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      Hi Robert,

      Do you need a tracking plugin using which you can track your shipments?
      Or are you looking for setting up shipping rates using a plugin?

      We do not have a plugin similar to provide the tracking URL of your carrier in the settings page and you are done.

      Here is an example of our shipment tracking plugin :

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      Sorry for the super delay.

      I need a plugin that gives my custo ship with. Just like you do with, USPS, Canada, and Australia.
      Apparently, it is cheaper to use Correos Express or Correos Spain.
      Any advice, or do you have a plugin that works well in Europe and that is cheap to ship?

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      Hi Robert,

      Unfortunately, as of now, we do not have a plugin that is dedicatedly developed for Spain shipments.
      As you menationed earlier, we do have our FedEx, UPS, DHL and many other plugins that you can go for based on requiremnet.

      Also since the shipping rates and services are returned based on the “Source” and “destination” addresses.
      we would suggest you tors of the respective carriers.

      I have shared few for your referance.
      Link for FedEx:

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