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      Thanks for reaching out to us.

      As per our understanding, you want to create shipping rules based on “Product category” and “Price” of the products.

      1) Yes, you can set the limit for price matrix as 0-500 and set “cost per unit” matrix as $30.
      2) Yes, for this you will need to create rules for each product category individually and assign a same group name for those rules.
      3) Creates a rules for those products(whose cost is over $500) based on product category/shipping class and set price matrix as 500-99999 and “Base cost” to
      4) This is not exactly clear to us. Can you help us understand this with a live example?
      5) Yes, the per-product & bundle product add-on are free.

      Hope that helps!
      Let us know if you have any query.

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      hello i want to purchase this after i make sure of all my need it possibly shipping scenario from this pligin :

      1- can i charge shipping price for items in cretin category if item price is bellow 500 $ ?
      for example category A IF PRICE > 500 $ charge 30 $ per item

      2- if above is yes >> then if i have two items in cart from different categories then can i see a shipping price for both items together
      like category A if item price > 500 $ charge 30 per item $
      category B if item price > 500 $ charge 20 per item $
      = so it should appear 50 $ for shipping charge ?

      3 – can i make free shipment only for all items > 500 $
      so if two items in cart one is 300 $ and other is 600 $
      = then final shipping charge for booth items should be 30 $ ? ( assuming the second item was from category A with 30 $ charge per item )

      4- can i add extra shipping charge for a single items if want to ship it to cretin city ( like one item is cost 600 $ from category A so no charge for shipping except one city it will add 100 $ more if that city get selected by costumer ) ?

      5- do i get the per product add on and bundle addons for free if i pay you this shipping pro?

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      thanks for reply

      i mean can i assign additional city cost for some product only
      like product A will charge 100 $ in case shipping to NY city ?
      but product B will be free for shipping to same city above.

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      Yes, you can do that.
      Just define the rates based on Shipping class and city.

      So product A(mapped to shipping class A) will be assigned a shipping cost of $100 when that city is on cart as destination.
      Similarly for the other case.

      Hope i was clear?

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