Multishipping does not work with 3 different zones

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      1. I have setup 3 zones which are all located in the Hawaiian Islands:

      2. Zone 1 is free shipping on all products ( This is the island of Oahu )
      Zone 2 is $50 flat rate shipping on Mattress or bed frame and $75 if mattress and platform bed frame combo is purchased. (Outer areas on Oahu are in zone 2)
      Zone 3 is multishipping – These are outer islands; Big Island, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai. The problem I am having is that the bed frame is 2 pieces and there is no option to enter the 2 pieces for shipping purposes. The bed frame is split into 2 boxes; a. the headboard box; b. the frame box.

      3. When I fill out the shopping cart form it offers free shipping for all products to all zones

      4. If someone lives in the zone 3 zip code and they type in the zone 3 zip code I would like to offer free shipping to Young Brothers Oahu Port; COD at your port on another island or paid shipping via UPS FEDEX OR USPS.

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      Hi Joe,

      Thank you for your query.
      The plugin can be used to set/fetch the price of the box used for packing the products. so if 2 pieces are packed in one box, the rates will be displayed perfectly. Also, if there are multiple boxes, the plugin will add and show the price of multiple boxes.
      You can define the boxes as shown in the screenshot.

      The plugin can be used to 0), different shipping carriers.
      If you are still encountering any issue, just raise a ticket here and provide us admin access. We will check it out.

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