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      I have an order csv that i want to import, but the line items, the most important part, are no being imported.
      When I go to the import screen, there’s no place to map the lime_item_1 header.

      Here’s an example of my csv. usernames, emails, and names have been replaced for confidentiality purposes.

      How can I get my line items to import? And how can I get the importer to have a field to map the line_items? they seem to be in the right format.


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      Hi Arthur,

      No need to map line items while importing. It will automatically be imported
      Please check line_item column in sample Order CSV –

      This will resolve your problem.


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      Now I have another problem. The prices are importing, but they are not being tied with an official product in my store.

      Here is an example of a line item of one of the orders:
      name:??????? |product_id:3795 |quantity:1 |total:15000.00 |refunded:0.00 |tax:0.00

      And this is what it looks like when imported.

      The name isnt being imported, even though there is a product with the same name and ID in my store.
      Here are couple ideas why I think this could happen:
      1. The product name is in Japanese
      If this is the case, is there a workaround?
      2. The price in the CSV doesnt match any of the prices for the product in the store.
      If this is the case, is there a work around?
      3. The product is a variable product and that isnt reflected in the CSV.
      If this is the case, what is the correct syntax for line items in the CSV for orders to get connected with products?

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      Hi Arthur,

      Did you make any adjustments to the csv?
      Can you share the new csv?

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      Hi Arthur,

      Kindly check whether the product ids are correct. This problem comes when the product id associated with the line item is incorrect.
      Else, you can use SKU in the line items field and try.

      Here is the sample csv link which has the SKU in line items –

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      his is really strange.
      Here is a link to my CSV

      Row 2 imported with only the product ID and name, not SKU

      name:??????? |sku:3798|product_id:3795 |quantity:1 |total:15000.00 |refunded:0.00 |tax:0.00

      Line Item:

      Row 3 didn’t import at all

      Line Item:product_id:3795|quantity:1|total:13000|name:Eigo Coaching 2 Times Per Week?¥13000)|sku:3796|

      Row 4 didn’t import at all

      Line Item:product_id:3795|quantity:1|total:13000|name:???????|sku:3796|

      Row 5 imported ok but the product code and variation code are the same

      Line Item:product_id:3795|quantity:1|sku:3796|

      Here is my product info:

      One thing: I tried using the sku at the end without the pipe, but it made that become the price instead. So I put the pipe on the end and it seemed to work a little.

      Please tell me:

      1) the items I need in order for a line item to read correctly
      2) the order those items need to be in

      I really want to get this out of the way, I have almost 1000 orders that I need to get in the right order.

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      Hello Arthur,

      We regret the inconvenience caused.
      Let us know What error messages you received for not imported orders?

      Please raise a request here HERE and share your Sample CSV.
      We will replicate on our site and let you know how to fix it. Hope that helps.

      Thank you for your cooperation.


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