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      I am testing “Multiple Carrier Shipping Plugin” on our site:

      I have Item QTY: Min = 1 & Max = 5

      When I test in in the cart in shows the correct USPS Priority shipping for 1 item, but if I add 2 or more it defaults to the Fallback Rate.

      I even tried setting the Max = 100

      Is this because I am testing the FREE version, maybe it doesn’t happen in the paid version.

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      Hi Jfedison,

      Ideally this should not happen. Even with multiple items, the rate should show. Would it be possible for you to understand the resolution of this.

      Also, once you have posted this in wordpress forum, you can also attach the Request and response info in the thread so that our team can check the problem and help you. Here is a video that will help you to get the request and response by enabling the debug mode.

      Here is a video on how to debug higher rates
      Once you provide us the info in the wordpress forum, it will be easier for us to debug and resolve your problem.

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