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      Hello xadapter team,

      Great plugin by the way and everything goes well with import/export Orders.
      But beside of the great things we have only one issue with the import process that we’ll need your help.
      Below it’s what we need:

      After creating the CSV table I set “0” value to “customer_id” and “customer_user” columns for all the orders that I wanted to import them.
      But the import process adds new users based on email found in the order and we don’t want to force users to have an account also to skip removing them after import because we have like more then 1k of orders that doesn’t have users associated.

      Also I tried to change the code used for import in “class-wf-orderimpexpcsv-order-import.php” that adds users and I did a quick trick to force the if condition pushing new users but now the import process handle like 200 orders and after stops. Below it’s what I changed from mentioned .php file:

      // $user_id = $this->hf_check_customer($meta_array, $email_customer);
      $user_id = true;

      Anyway I know that is not the best approach but I wanted to skip posting here what issue I encountered.
      I’m hoping you have a good solution to fix the import process for the guest orders and in this way I can import my orders.

      Thank you!

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      Hi James,

      Currently there is no option to skip creating new users in plugin settings.

      However are you getting any error logged by using the change you mentioned above. You have already commented the checking and creating of new user section.

      If you can share your error log file, we may able to find out the issue.

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      Thank you Anindo,

      After all I changed the role from “customer” to “subscriber” and used “Bulk Delete” plugin
      in order to remove only the users that are added from import process.

      I’m glad that I fixed this and the import it was with success.
      Greetings xadapter team for great plugins!

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      You can always drop a review if you like the plugin –

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