I'm having issues with a manufacturer file import.

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    I have a handful of products that I am trying to import into WooCommerce, to test the file headers for one of manufacturer files. I was hoping to get some assistance. I have screenshots of the mapping data and all products failed to import. Please help.

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    Hello Vincent,

    We have analysed the manufacturer file provided. Here are the observations:

    Use UTF-8 encoding, as the file contains special characters like ™ in the title.
    Use http urls for the image locations instead of ftp.
    Download the latest plugin version 2.0.3 for importing product price with currency symbol and thousand separator.
    Please find the detailed scenario below with the sample manufacturer CSV file.


    Sample CSV contains special characters like ™ in title , currency symbol and thousand separators in price.

    CSV Sceen

    Mapping Screen, Here you just need to map your desired column with WooCommerce fields [ Columns in the left side ]
    Mapping Screen

    Imported products , after importing you can see all mapped columns are inserted into corresponding columns into WooCommerce.
    Product List

    Product view after importing from CSV. Here you can see the categories at the top, a title with the special character, correct price, description, short description and the imported image.
    Product View

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