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    Hello, we have purchased both Order/Coupon/Subscription Export Import Plugin for Woocommerce and the Users Import plug in.

    We bought the user plugin because it seems that the Order imported back where assigned to guest and not linked to the user (means an user could not check his order history from his account section on the front end).

    Despite lot of efforts, lot of attempts and lot of time wasted (1H10 to import 20k customers !) back and forth to try to get things to MAP together , there is nothing it seems we can do to have an users database back with order history back that they can check from their account and find the same order number with same item description listed inside. We have offered to pay to get the job via support ticket but no one answered yet.

    Therefor we would like to get a refund since it haven’t done anything good to us.

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    Hi Maurice,

    We can assure you that mapping the user with order is absolutely possible.

    These two fields are the most important fields in this regard. Can you please check whether you have mapped these fields correctly?

    We hope you have raised this query in our support forum. They will definitely help you with this.

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