Match the free shipping of the extra product with the amount of the ‘parent’ product

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      Hi WooForce,

      Yesterday bought WooCommerce Shipping Pro and combined it with Bundle Rate AddOn.

      Let’s say I have a product category A and product category B. Category B ships for free IF you also have Category A in your shopping cart. So far, so good. (And, to be honest, a wonderful add-on).

      BUT, now you can, with just 1 product A, order 100 product B and you will only be charged the shipping for product A.
      I think it would be more ‘real-world’ if you can have 1 product B shipped for free, if you have 1 product A, or 2 product B with 2 product A, and so on. BUT, if you order 10 product B with 1 product A, you’d have to pay extra.

      In other words: match the free shipping of the extra product with the amount of the ‘parent’ product.

      I have a feeling this should not be too difficult to implement. After all, the plugin now checks whether a certain category in the cart, the only addition is that it should also check for quantities. Or am I thinking too simple?

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      Hi CamboGuide,

      This is an interesting feature, But unfortunately this is not currently included in our road map. We will let you know in case we plan to implement this in future.

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