Help! I am not sure which shipping type to use!

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    I am setting up the pro version on my website and I am not sure whether to use
    * weight based – How do you get all the weights in there for all your products without it taking weeks to complete?
    * state based – This sounds easy but more rural areas always cost more. How would I not lose a ton of money on this but set the shipping cost as to not keep from being too high so that they will not place orders?
    * Zip based – There are a lot of zip codes. How do you know which ones are more rural? Isn’t this a daunting task with so many zip codes.
    * Short zip – This still seems like a huge amount of data entry work.

    The goal here is to find the easiest shipping method so that I can give a couple shipping options for each order. Regular shipping, Flat rate over $100, 2nd day) Where would all these rates come from? and then all have to be entered. I can’t just use a flat rate because I ship a good amount to rural areas that cost more than regular rates and I would lose so much money.

    What do I do so that I am not spending days or weeks trying to just figure out what the rate would be for the different levels but then to put them in for every item. I am hoping that there is something that will not make this such a daunting task.
    Please help!

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    Hi Todd,

    You have choice in the plugin settings to choose calculation based on quantity or weight, price of the product. If you don’t have time to add the weight to all your products you can use one of those, number of item/price.

    You can set separate rules for the rural areas, but that you’ll have to know specific zips considered as rural areas, our plugin cannot determine that unless you define rules.

    You can set a separate rules for the areas with normal shipping cost(based on state and country), and separate rules for the areas with Rural Area Surcharge(based on state and zip-codes).

    If you don’t know which areas charge Rural Area Surcharge, and don’t want to risk losing money on it, you can go for DHL plugin they will calculate real time rates, but you cannot define flat rates with the plugin, it will calculate the dynamic rates based on source and destination, but all your products need to have weight and dimensions to use the DHL plugin.

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