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    Hey guys,

    so I’ve been playing around with the demo version and it seems like just the plugin I need, and I’d love to buy it, I just can figure out how to set up the following (or if it’s possible at all).

    Let’s say:
    Product A has a free shipping time of 5-10 days (regardless of the destination country)
    But Product B‘s free shipping time is calculated from the destination country for example: 12-20 days to the US, 20-25 days to Sweden, 39-60 days to Chile and so on etc. etc, etc.

    As I saw the plugin is capable of adding extra days to a specific country or shipping zone, which is great because I can set up for ex. US to 12-20 days, but what if someone orders Product A to the US? It’s 5-10 days, but I’ve previously set the plugin to add X days to the US
    How can I solve this?

    Is it possible to change shipping times on the product page depending on what country you are viewing it from?

    If I set the general date range to 0-5, how can I set 39-60 days shipping time for Chile alone? (like in the example above)

    Are these settings possible with your plugin?
    I’m in desperate need of this functionality for my store, and your plugin seems like it would be capable of something like this.

    Thank you for your reply in advance!

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    Hi czuczor.andras,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.
    Kindly find our answers to your queries above :

    Regarding the problem of “what if someone orders Product A to the US?”,unfortunately, we have changed the functionality of the plugin a bit where the shipping class and shipping zone work in conjunction. So individually shipping Product A to the US would not be possible with the current setup.

    Regarding this problem “Is it possible to change shipping times on the product page depending on what country you are viewing it from?”, as of now, we do not have this feature . However, we have noted this and would surely look into it in future.

    Also, you can create a zone Chile and set up 39-60 days for Chile alone. This way it should work out.
    Let us know if you have any query.

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