Freight not kicking in on total weight over 150 lbs

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    I have the Pro version, and here’s my problem:

    1. On items with weights over 150 lbs, Freight shows up just fine.
    2. When someone orders many smaller items that ADD UP to many pounds, I only get Ground shipping, no freight, and the cost is insanely high

    I need a way to get Freight to show up automatically on orders over a certain TOTAL weight. I’m selling chain. It’s only .5 pounds per foot, but someone ordered 5000 feet. It’s all on one spool, so the weight is 2500 pounds and must go freight.

    How can I tell the plugin to look at the total weight, and use Freight over a certain level?

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    Hi John,

    If you have defined boxes correctly, then ideally if the products are packed inside a box which has a weight more than 150lbs then freight rates must be shown. If you are still not getting them, we request you to raise a ticket to support.
    Our guys will check it out.

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