Estimated Delivery Date per Shipping Zone

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      Is it possible for the customer to choose the country (shipping zone) and then the plugin will automatically compute for estimated delivery date?

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      Hi Krista,

      Thanks for reaching out to us.

      Yes, you can easily configure the estimated delivery based on “Shipping zones” with our plugin.
      You will just need to select the shipping zone you have configured in WooCommerce shipping zones and then provide the “estimated delivery” as per you need.

      Hope that helps!
      Let us know if you have any query.

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      Hello, dear XAdapter Team.

      There is a huge problem with your plugin that blocks Yoast SEO plugin configurator.

      Also, there is an incompatibility with other plugins that use Rest API and Wp Cron.

      I also use a plugin that synchronizes Woocommerce prices with my supplier price that never works when your plugin is activated.

      I have done an extensive “Health Check” and your plugin is the culprit.

      To further explain the prior problem I have with Yoast and other plugins, I talked with other plugins developers who told me that Estimated Shipping plugin uses Wp Hooks you use that blocks their plugin processes.

      Please fix this issue, it is pretty urgent.

      Also, aside from the problems I have with your plugin compatibility issue with Yoast and WP Cron processes, I wanted also to ask you a question about your plugin settings.

      As shown in the 2 image captures taken from my site (see attachments pics):

      If I want to display an estimated shipping date of let’s say: Between (+10 days after order) to (+20 days after order).

      Here what I want:Estimated Date Range Frontend

      I should normally set up the plugin like this:

      Date lower range [date_1]: 10

      Date higher range [date_2]: 20

      Or If I want to have the result described above, I have these settings to make it work:

      Date lower range [date_1]: -10 (minus in front on the value)

      Date higher range [date_2]: 30

      Here are my current settings to match want I want: Estimated Shipping Settings

      Or as far as I know, your documentation doesn’t explain this like that.

      Why are the settings work like that? Is it the normal way? Am I missing something here?

      Can you explain, please?


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      Hi Anais,

      No worries, we will surely help you.

      Also, Could you please specify the exact problem you were facing, when you say our plugin is incompatible/blocks other plugins?

      And provide us the admin access to your site? So that we can log-in and replicate the issue and check with it.

      And regarding date range, ideally when you set 10 & 20 for date range, an estimated delivery of (10-20) days must be shown.

      When no days are configured for Shipping class, methods or zones. In that case, it may vary based on your configuration.

      However, once we have access to your site, our team will log-in and check with this.

      Do not worry, we will resolve your issue.

      Let us know if you have any query.


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