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      Hello all,

      I have a random, self-inflicted, issue…

      We set up, and had working, Free Shipping for the holiday season. As of Jan, 1st 2017, I went in and removed/deleted all the Free Shipping settings, rather than just disabling the ability to use the coupon. (I think this is the cause of my problems…)

      So, now we went to process an order with Free Shipping, and ran into an error (I think it was something like: “Missing or invalid service code”, I didn’t take note of it). Because of this, I figured it was because I had removed/deleted the Free Shipping settings in Woocommerce Shipping Zones. So, I re-added the Free Shipping Zone and Method back into Woocommerce Shipping settings, thinking that would fix the issue.

      So, I re-opened an order in Woocommerce, and went to generate a label, but noticed there was still no Shipping “line” in the order “break-down” (where it normally would show a line for “Free Shipping”, then list the order: discounts, shipping costs, order total, and refund). So, I put the order into “On Hold” status, and manually re-added Free Shipping to the order, by clicking “Add item(s)” then “Add shipping cost”. Saved it. Calculated order totals. Updated/saved the order. Refreshed the page. Scrolled to bottom and clicked “Generate Packages” then “Confirm Shipment”. This now returns a different error: “Missing or invalid shipment indication type code. [Error Code: 120988]”

      So, I think it knows that it’s supposed to be processing Free Shipping, but, the plugin is attempting to pass a shipping code to UPS for Free Shipping, which does not exist. Is this thinking correct?

      So, that’s basically where we are at right now. Not sure why the Free Shipping worked before, but not now. I am sure it’s some small config that I am just overlooking. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance for any/all help.

      Happy New Year!

      WordPress ver: 4.7
      WooCommerce ver: 2.6.11
      UPS WooCommerce Shipping plugin ver: 3.2.0
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      Hi Richard,

      Based on our understanding of the problem, we think that you want to use Free Shipping as a service for UPS label generation.

      Please note that UPS API does not accept “Free Shipping” as a service. In order to generate a label, our customers have to select a service.
      You can generate a label with a service and incorporate the cost as part of product cost (or something similar to that).

      We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but this is a limitation of the UPS API.

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