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      I have a shipping classes of stock and dropship with the numbers of 0 and 1
      I then have a bunch of shipping methods like Free_shipping:03 is 3 and ups:01 is 4 etc

      So on the cart page when I select shipping method, the date is exactly what I would expect.

      However, on the receipt that people are emailed, it only give the date from the shipping classes (0 or 1 days) and not what is shown in the cart.

      Also on the product page, it only shows the date of the shipping class and ignores shipping method as well. This is also on the line item in the cart.

      On the product page, does it not choose a default method to calculate a date? On the receipt why does it not use the shipping method people selected?

      Cart page

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      Hi Angela,

      -Ideally, the estimated delivery in the Order completion email also will be showing the same date as shown on the cart page.
      If this is not happening in your case, could you please share the screenshot of both of these pages? So that I can check and help.

      -Shipping zone will only be considered when the address details are provided by the customer on the cart/checkout page. This is because, WooCommerce recognize the zones only when the address is provided. Hence, it won’t be considering the zone dates while showing on the product page.


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