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    I’m currently using Aelia currency switcher and Stripe with multiple currencies enabled so that Stripe will accept Euros, USD, etc… without converting them so that Stripe can natively accept and disburse those currencies to the appropriate currency accounts setup in Stripe.

    I note that some of your plugin functionality requires the base currency on the store to be set to USD or similar for it to work when Stripe doesn’t actually require this itself so I’m wondering if there is any reason not to use this plugin in the scenario mentioned above?

    As a separate issue, I also note that your current “free” version (3.1.2) doesn’t appear to be working with WP 4.9.5 and WC 3.3.4 as the StripeCheckout function is erroring out in JS, on the checkout page. At a guess something is not loading up the necessary StripeCheckout script but I’m not sure if that’s an issue caused by the theme we’re using or some other factor. However, it does mean I/m unable to test before committing to purchase.

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    Our plugin has a currency converter built-in with it which you can utilize to accept different currencies. You may need to set up your stripe account accordingly to accept those currencies too.

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