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      Hi, I’ve set several different shipping methods using this plugin. In most cases, a few different methods will be displayed at the same time during checkout (using method group). Is there any way to easily change the order of the displayed methods on the Cart/Checkout screens? It seems to be following the same order in which they were created, which is not the same order I’d like to display them.


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      Hi Antonio,

      Unfortunately, you cannot change the display of shipping methods with in the plugin. Since the rules will be configured based on certain conditions and has to meet the required criteria.
      However, if you would want to change the display of shipping methods order, then you can export the shipping rules and then make the changes as per your need in the CSV and import them back. This way you can easily change the Order of shipping rules/methods.

      Hope that helps!
      Let us know if you have any query.

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