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    Hello, I bought this assuming multi-carrier meant that multiple carriers could be shown and the customer could choose whether to select UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex, etc, based on the price. Is that not how this works? I am trying to go through the documentation but I’m not clear on how to set this up. I’ve created a Zone for “USA and Canada,” then added a rule for “UPS,” and a rule for “USPS” using the “USA and Canada” Area List. It returns a very large cost for shipping a very small item and doesn’t break it out into UPS and USPS. Can someone clarify that the different carriers are shown as long as we’ve entered the AIP and logins for each carrier? I don’t understand hoe this works. Can someone assist? Thank you!

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    Hi Marion,

    This plugin will surely show multiple carriers to the customer so that he can choose among them.
    You must have created rules in the plugin settings.

    There is a field ” Method Group ” in plugin settings . If you give same values in method group for the different rules, then only the best rule between them will be selected and shown to the customer.
    If you give separate values in it, then both the rules will be shown to the customer as show here:

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