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      I’m using the bbPress Import Export Plugin for WordPress to import from a custom Forum into bbPRESS. I’m testing the import but I have a question.
      With a simply template I obtain an error on the last reply. The Parent_ID of last row in my template is wrong (558 instead of 2100).

      Where is the error?

      *** TEMPLATE
      ,1,,Harley,2016-12-12 11:30:33,2016-12-12 11:30:33,1st Forum,1st Forum,publish,closed,open,,new-test-fedex-forum-1,0,http://localhost/wordpress/?post_type=forum&#038&p=554,0,forum,,0,554
      ,1,,Harley,2016-02-03 22:28:00,2016-02-03 16:58:00,1st Topic in 1st Forum,1st Topic on 1st Forum,publish,open,open,,does-this-supports-all-currencies,554,http://localhost/wordpress/?post_type=topic&#038&p=555,0,topic,,0,555
      ,0,,Thilak,2016-02-04 12:23:00,2016-02-04 06:53:00,1st Reply at 1st Topic on 1st Forum,Reply No:1-1,publish,open,open,,reply-no13,555,http://localhost/wordpress/?post_type=reply&#038&p=556,1,reply,,0,556
      ,0,,Thilak,2016-02-04 12:23:00,2016-02-04 06:53:00,2nd Reply at 1st Topic on 1st Forum,Reply No:2-1,publish,open,open,,reply-no13,555,http://localhost/wordpress/?post_type=reply&#038&p=557,1,reply,,0,557
      ,1,,Harley,2016-02-05 05:10:00,2016-02-04 23:40:00,2nd Topic in 1st Forum,2nd Topic on 1st Forum,publish,open,open,,is-there-a-dry-ice-option,554,http://localhost/wordpress/?post_type=topic&#038&p=558,0,topic,,0,558
      ,0,,Thilak,2016-02-05 16:47:00,2016-02-05 11:17:00,1st Reply at 2nd Topic on 1st Forum,Reply No:1-2,publish,open,open,,reply-no15,558,http://localhost/wordpress/?post_type=reply&#038&p=559,1,reply,,0,559
      ,0,,Thilak,2016-02-04 12:23:00,2016-02-04 06:53:00,2st Reply at 2nd Topic on 1st Forum,Reply No:2-1,publish,open,open,,reply-no13,558,http://localhost/wordpress/?post_type=reply&#038&p=560,1,reply,,0,560

      *** RESULT of query select id,post_content,post_type,post_parent from wp_posts order by id desc
      ID post_content post_type parent_id
      2102 2st Reply at 2nd Topic on 1st Forum reply 558
      2101 1st Reply at 2nd Topic on 1st Forum reply 2100
      2100 2nd Topic in 1st Forum topic 2096
      2099 2nd Reply at 1st Topic on 1st Forum reply 2097
      2098 1st Reply at 1st Topic on 1st Forum reply 2097
      2097 1st Topic in 1st Forum topic 2096
      2096 1st Forum forum 0

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      I forgot an important info: I’m using BULK IMPORT

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      Hi skiank,

      Could you please share the error message you are getting, so I can guide accordingly. You can raise a support ticket here if issue persists.

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      Hi Mark,
      I’ve no errors. The result is wrong because replies are not correctly linked to reproduce the issue.

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      Please raise a ticket in the support with demo CSV.

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