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      We are working with integrating the plugin with our woocommerce shop.

      Meanwhile we are getting an error,

      Der Nutzer des Webservice konnte nicht authentifiziert werden
      — Rough Translation —
      The user of the web service could not be authenticated

      I am using the “account number” from DHL Geschäftskundenportal

      and using the
      API User – username for Geschäftskundenportal
      API Key – password for Geschäftskundenportal

      Could you help me with what I am doing wrong?

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      This error usually comes when there is some credentials or authentication related issue.

      Please keep a note of the following thing

      Account number = 10 digit account number +product id+partner id in the Account number field.

      In test mode, you only need to provide Account number, SITE ID and SITE PASSWORD. The API USER and API KEY fields are hardcoded so they are hidden.
      User name (SITE ID): DeveloperID (can be found under “My Account” when you login to your developer portal)
      Password (SITE PASSWORD): Developer portal password

      For live environment, since SITE ID and SITE PASSWORD are hard coded, hence they are hidden.
      In this environment, you need to provide the Account number and
      User (API USER): Username (from the business customer portal / Intraship username )
      Signature (API KEY): Password (from the business customer portal / Intraship Passw

      Also for the test account number, please find the sample accounts that you can use based on the origin country:

      Product DHL Paket: V01PAK – 22222222220101 (all Services) ( From Germany to Germany)
      Product DHL Europaket: V54EPAK – 22222222225401 ( From Germany to Europe)

      Product DHL PAKET International: V82PARCEL – 22222222228202 ( From Germany to International)

      In case, if still the issue persist please let us know


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      We had a call with DHL this morning.
      DHL has switched off the “intraship” and we must create a new user without intraship-support.
      Now we need another Account from the Geschäftskundenportal. Now it works!!!

      Kind regards, Mike

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      Hello Mike,

      Glad to know that your issue is resolved.

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