Why does the plugin return high rates when a small item is added to cart with LTL Freight item option?

Customer :

When a small item is added to the shopping cart with an LTL Freight item, the returned shipping charge is WAY too high. The FedEx plugin adds the smaller item to the freight charge calculation at a rate way more expensive than if shipped separately using Ground shipping. We need to be able to ship the LTL Freight items separately from the FedEx Ground items and then combine the shipping charges for the total order to charge the customer.

The way it works now will not be acceptable for our customers because the rate is way too high. Also, in debug mode, it shows that the freight item is using the product dimensions in a different order which may impact charges. Please help!

XAdapter Support :

We checked the debug response and request provided by you and analyze the following things:

1) The product weight in the debug request is showing up as 7.24 lbs and 195 lbs. However, the total weight comes up 397.24 lbs.

2) Both the products are going in individual packages. This might be one of the reasons why the rates are showing high. Is it possible for you to configure a box or send both the products in the same package?

3) In the FedEx response, for the address validation service, we are getting authentication failed message. Address validation is an advance FedEx service that requires the authorization from FedEx.

You need to contact FedEx support. They will take you through the entire process and kindly check the following link for the FedEx guidelines for advance services:


Note- Address validation returns accurate rates by checking whether the address is business or residential.

Also, we request you to download the latest version of our plugin by logging into https://www.xadapter.com/my-account/. We have corrected the FedEx freight weight issue. So now you shall get lower rates when you place an order with multiple products.


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