WooCommerce Shipping – How to Skip Specific Products in Cart from Packaging

Your WooCommerce shipping requirements might be quite diverse at times depending on specific business needs. If you don’t want to calculate shipping rates for certain products in the cart, you can skip these products using a code snippet. For the code snippet, click here

Implementing code snippet that skips products in cart from packaging

Not sure how to implement the snippet on your site? We’ll help you with simple, step by step instructions.

Step 1
You need to add a shipping class (for the product that needs to be skipped).

Step 2
Select the shipping class created, at product level.

Step 3
Get the Shipping Class ID by right clicking ‘Inspect’ on the shipping class Edit button.

Step 4
Add the snippet to functions.php by navigating to Appearance->Editor

Step 5
Copy the shipping class ID and paste it on the array inside the snippet.

Step 6
Click Update File.

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