How tomers’ E-mail Using Print invoice, Packing Slip, Delivery Note & Label for WooCommerce

Using Print Invoice, Packing slip, Delivery Note and Labels plugin for Woocommerce you can send the invoice as a PDF attachment tomatically.

Settings to Generate Invoice

1 – To generate an invoice go to Dashboard > Invoice/Pack List > Print Options.

2 – In the WooCommerce – Print Invoice, Packing Slip, Delivery Note & Label Settings go to the invoice tab.

3 – Check the enable invoice checkbox

4 – Select and if needed, customize an invoice template and activate it.

5 – Select the Attach PDF invoice in email check box.

6 – Select one or multiple order statuses (Pending payment, Processing, On hold, Completed, Cancelled, Refunded, Failed ) to generate an invoice.

7 – Select the additional information to include on the invoice.

8 –  Click on Save Changes.

Settings to Send Email

1 – Go to the Email tab where you can change the e-mail settings.

2 – Choose the order status as processing or complete or both, tomer.

3 – Select the checkbox for Send a separate mail tomers’ inbox.

4 – Then save changes.

Changing the Order Status and Sending E-mail

1 – Go to the orders page.

2 – Select an order and change the status to processing or completed.

3 – This will accordingly send an e-mail auto the user with the invoice attached as a PDF file.

Sending Invoice E-mails in Bulk

1 – Go to WooCommerce > Orders page on the Dashboard.

2 – Select multiple orders.

3 – From Bulk Actions drop-down, change the status of the orders and click apply.

4 – This will send the invoice in the e-mails in bulk.


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