We sell Christmas Trees and Wreaths in various sizes,we are looking for the best shipping plugin for woocommerce

Customer :

My client sells Christmas Trees and Wreaths in various sizes. We already know the shipping price for each product, for all the different zones in the U.S. We also know the weight and dimensions of each product. We are looking for the best shipping plugin for woocommerce. Thank you!

Support :

We request you to try our Shipping Pro plugin demo which is a powerful plugin to set up custom rates – http://wooshippingpro.wooforce.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=shipping&section=wf_woocommerce_shipping_pro_method

Although, the plugin does not have zone concept, but you can definitely create rules based on postal code and other related fields.

Let us know if you have any queries pertaining to the plugin.

Customer :

Could you explain how the rules would work?

Someone buys a 36” wreath for $30.00 and the shipping cost to North Carolina is $8.00 – how would I send this up?


Support :

Our Shipping pro plugin offers customized rates on the basis of country, states, post codes, no of items, price, product category etc.

Kindly check the below link for the business case where we are configuring rates based on the country let’s say 5$ for Canada and $10 for other countries.


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