Save Cost by Generating UPS Ground Shipping Label Automatically while Offering Free Shipping on your WooCommerce Store

When it comes to WooCommerce stores there are a lot of efficient ways to save shipping cost. Especially when the store owners provide Free Shipping, it becomes very important to provide some way they can make sure that the shipping cost is not fully being sent from their budgets. According to Max, a WooCommerce store owner,”…I have WooCommerce set to free shipping over $100. When someone selects free shipping, we will always send ground, but I noticed the packages are generating for “3 days select.” Is it possible to generate the packages automatically as “ground” for free shipping orders..?

In this article, we will be discussing WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin and how using that plugin WooCommerce store owners can easily print UPS Ground shipping labels while providing Free Shipping.

Selecting Default Shipping Service

WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin allows store owners to get real-time shipping rates for their domestic as well as international shipments. In the case of Free Shipping, the store owners require sending their packages via the cheapest or the most convenient shipping service available. In our case, the domestic shipments are required to be shipped using UPS Ground and hence the store owners need to choose the default shipping option as UPS Ground. The image below shows the plugin settings with a default domestic shipping option for domestic shipping option set to UPS Ground. This way if there are no shipping options even, in case of Free Shipping, the shipment will be automatically sent via UPS Ground.

Setting Default shipping service

Setting Default shipping service

Automatically Printing Shipping Labels

Once the default shipping option is selected, WooCommerce store owners can choose to generate packages automatically. Also, there is an option to print shipping labels automatically as soon as the order is placed. The image below shows the option to automatically print shipping labels as well as generating the packages automatically as soon as the customer places the order.

Automatic Label Printing

Automatic Label Printing


So in this article, we discussed the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin and how the store owners can save shipping cost by proving shipping labels for UPS Ground automatically while offering Free Shipping for their customers. This way they will be able to send their packages using ground shipping services which are comparatively cheaper.

If you have any suggestion regarding the article, feel free to share your views in the comment section below. We have also attached some details about the plugin that we had discussed in this article.

About the plugin

WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin

  • Get real-time accurate UPS Shipping rates
  • Add extra handling charges to the shipping cost
  • Provide discounts on shipping cost
  • Generate shipping labels
  • Track your UPS Shipments
  • Basic Version of the plugin
  • Premium Version Cost – $69

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