Recover the Shipping Expense by charging Postage for On-Sale items using WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin

WooCommerce stomers combine sale items and regular priced items in one order.
Custo buy regular items below the $500 and sale items at any value and still pay shipping charges…Is there any way I can achieve this..? Thanks for your help..!

In this article, we will be discussing WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping pro and how using this plugin WooCommerce store owners can recover the shipping expenses in case of on-sale products.

Different Shipping Classes

WooCommerce provides the option of Shipping Classes to ship them. In this case, since we are talking about two types of products, we will be creating two shipping classes.

  • Sale Products
    It will contain the products on which sale is applicable.
  • Regular Products
    All the other products on which no sale is applicable.

Since we have differentiated the products, now the only thing remaining is to create shipping rules for both these shipping classes. But before that, let’s see which Matrix Columns we need for the shipping rules.

Selecting Matrix Columns

Matrix Columns are the facto create shipping rules based on shipping classes, we will use the following columns from the Settings tab under plugin settings.

  • Method Title
  • Shipping Class
  • Price
  • Rate Based On
  • Base Cost

Creating Shipping Rules

Now we have created shipping classes and based on the requirements we to those shown in the image below.

Shipping Rules
Shipping Rules


In this article, we discussed WooCommerce Tabel Rate Shipping Pro and how using this plugin WooCommerce Sto create shipping rules where the shipping rates will be calculated only for the products which are on sale. And provide Free Shipping on all the products which are not on sale.

If you have any suggestion regarding the article, feel free to share your views in the comment section below. We have also attached some details about the plugin that we had discussed in this article.

About the plugin

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro plugin

  • Calculate shipping rates based on factors like,
    • Product Cost
    • Product Weight
    • Number of Items in the cart
    • Shipping Classes
    • Product Category
    • Destination Address
  • Basic Version of the plugin
  • Premium Version Cost – $69
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