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WooCommerce Multiple Carrier Shipping Plugin combines the power of table rate shipping with real time rates from shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL Express & (USPS) to give you a complete shipping solution for your business. Yes, you heard it right! You can have the rates from all the three major carriers with this one great plugin.

Now, easily configure Shipping companies or services of the various shipping carriers based on rules using the powerful table rate platform of this plugin.One outstanding feature that sets apart this plugin from its competitors is the fact that you can set rules using various parameters like shipping class, Product category, Prices based on weight, item quantity and price and make your shipping hassle free.

Main Features

Configure Shipping company or Service based on rules: The greatest feature of this plugin is that the shopowner gets the flexibility to create separate rules for separate shipping companies.

For example, you can opt for FedEx shipping service for a particular product category as you may require a faster service.
Similarly, you can create a rule for other product categories and opt for USPS in it as they seem to be cheaper within US.

This plugin has an advantage in it’s ability to fetch the real time rates from FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL Express & Stamps (USPS) based on parameters such as product weight, shipping destination, postal code, product category, shipping class, total weight, price, number of packages, etc.

Custom Rules: Make shipping really simple by creating rules based on customer’s country, city, state, postal code, product category, shipping class, total weight, price, number of items, etc.

For example, you may want to set a flat rate for a particular product and opt for real time rates from UPS for other set products. No worries, just create a rule for flat rate for a shipping class (associated to that product) and create another rule for other shipping classes with the UPS service.

This gives a powerful flexibility to the shop-owner with regards to the variety that he can offer to his customers.
Define Shipping zones and create Shipping Areas: Outstanding seems to be the right word for this plugin! Using this feature, now create Areas where your rules would be applicable.
An area can be a WooCommerce defined shipping zone, country, State or even postal codes.

So now, easily set your shipping based on different geographies and make the most from your preferential zones.

Parcel Packing: Configure the plugin to automatically determine how items should be packed. This information will be sent to the specific carrier in their request which will affect the rates returned by them.
You can choose:

  • Weight-based packing method (pack items based on maximum weight of the box as specified in the admin section)
  • Pack items individually.

Fallback Rate: If the service you selected is not available in that country, you need not worry. This plugin has an option that will return the fallback rate that you have previously set.

Handling Fees: Set up handling fees based on the rules you define.

Production/Test Mode: For the purpose of testing, you can set the mode as testing and get test rates from the chosen carriers.

Supports Domestic Services

All FedEx Domestic Services
All UPS Domestic Services
All USPS Domestic Services
All DHL Express Domestic Services
All USPS Domestic Services using


Supports International Services

All FedEx International Services
All UPS International Services
All USPS International Services
All DHL Express Services
All USPS Intl Services using

Shipping Area Management

This feature is added under a different tab (WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Area Management). By using this module you can easily create your own areas using: Country Name, City Name, State and Postal Code. After adding an area you can go to the plugin main page and set a rule for this area.

Other features

  • Allows to set a title for the shipping method on the cart/checkout page
  • Option to add extra charges to the rates returned from shipping API.
  • Supports debugging.
  • Option to add/update/duplicate/delete shipping rules.
  • You can Import rules from csv.
  • You can Export rules from csv.



Settings Page
Shipping Area Management
Cart Page
Checkout Page

Last Updated: 21-April-2017

= 1.1.7 =
* Added SmartPost.
* Added option on checkout page for residential rates.
= 1.1.6 =
* Added Link for in admin page.
= 1.1.4 =
* Added "Recipient is Residential Address" Fields in admin settings and bug fix for Max Package Weight.
= 1.1.1 =
* Compatible with Shipping pro.
= 1.1.0 =
* Woocommerce 3.0.0 compatible
= 1.0.3 =
* Added Support for DHL and USPS(
= 1.0.2 =
* Improved Security By Encrypting Authentication Details.
= 1.0.0 =
* Realtime rates.
* Configure Shipping Areas.
* Support for UPS, USPS and FedEx.
* Set rules based on Shipping Class, Category, Shipping Area, Etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Plugin will continue to work even after one year. But, you will not receive further support & updates.

Yes. We have a support team working on for fixing any issues related with plugin.

Set up process is simple. Please refer the link to tutorial.

UPS Account Integration
You need to enter the following details for the plugin to work. You can get these details from UPS.
Access Key
Account Number
User ID
Step-by-step instructions on ‘How to Get API Access From UPS’ is available in our documentation.

FedEx Account Integration
You need to enter the following details for the plugin to work. You can get these details from Fedex.
FedEx Account Number
FedEx Meter Number
Web Services Key
Web Services Password
Step-by-step instructions on ‘How to Get API Access From FedEx’ is available in our documentation.

USPS Account Integration
You need to enter the following details for the plugin to work. You can get these details from USPS.
USPS Password
We have explained it in our documentation.

  • Susan

    Susan - 1 week ago

    I've clicked it multiple times and checked junk email, but I have not received a shipping API key.

  • Anindo

    Anindo - 1 week ago

    Hi Susan, It is strange as at our side the API keys are being sent via email. Can you please let us know whether you are using basic plugin or premium? Also, kindly raise this as an issue to our support team and provide us admin access. We will check it.

  • Jerry

    Jerry - 1 week ago

    I've been following through the documentation and now have FedEx returning a cost of $1800 for a 36 pound item. Clearly incorrect. I'm only using FedEx. In setting up the Rule Table I am able to set my area list (USA) and "Any Shipping class" but I have no options for "Product Category." I have several categories set up in Woo already and they work ok when it comes to displaying them in the store. I also have no options for "Based On" although I want to use weight and each item has a weight assigned to it. I have it in debug mode and it tells me the Meter number is incorrect so I'll chase that down. I'm surprised it gave me any shipping rate at all, but it's in sandbox mode so I suppose that's why. Any suggestions?

  • Veeresh

    Veeresh - 1 week ago

    Hi Jerry, Please let us know which of our plugin you have an issue? also, try sending a screenshot of the error to fix it quickly. If you can raise your query here. Click Here It will be easy to track the issue. Thank you, Veeresh

  • hcasta32

    hcasta32 - 1 month ago

    I have a warehouse in Georgia and another one in Los Angeles can I use two origin zip code to request quotes? one origin shipping address for Georgia Products with ups and other for Los angeles products with Fedex? Thanks

  • Anindo

    Anindo - 1 month ago

    Hi, Thanks for reaching out to us. In the current plugin, there is option to provide one zip code. Multiple warehouse support is currently not possible in the plugin. However, we have noted your point and have marked it as a desired feature. Let us know if you have any query.

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