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  • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.0.
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  • No monthly fees or yearly subscription.
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With this WooCommerce extension, you can simplify bulk editing WooCommerce product fields such as SKU, Catalog Visibility, Stock, Quantity, Regular Price, Sale Price, Shipping Class, Weight and Dimensions. You will even be able to Undo the last bulk edit operation either completely or Partially before session get expired.
WooCommerce bulk edit plugin allows you to edit multiple products at a time whether it’s a variable or simple product. You can filter the products to edit using the Filter option provided by the plugin. Filters can be applied using various parameters like Type of the Product, Category of the Product, Attributes, Price, etc. You will be able to edit as many products as you want in just one step and edit fields such as SKU, Stock, Regular Price, Sale Price, Weight, Height, etc. The complete list is given in the Main Features section.

Works with WooCommerce Variable Product

If you have many products in your store, with variations, this plugin is really useful to keep your store updated or modify various attributes of the products in few clicks. It’s the fastest way to switch the store to a new WooCommerce store with updated pricing and attributes.
Few use cases given below.

  • Update regular or sale price of all variations products within one selected product category.
  • Increase or decrease all prices in a category by a set percentage (%) or dollar($) value.
  • Bulk add sale prices to products that do not currently have sale prices active.
  • Update SKU and Stock of all simple products that have a particular price.
  • During sale period change the Sale Price of your products in particular category.

Main Features

Set Filters Using,

  • Product Type
  • Product Category
  • Product Attributes
  • Product Attributes Values
  • Regular Price.

Filtered Products Preview.

  • Preview Filtered Simple and Variance Products.
  • Preview Parent and Variance Products.
  • Ajax Search on Previewed Products.

UNDO last operation.

  • Completely Undo the last bulk operation.
  • Partially Undo the last bulk operation.
  • Undo operation will be allowed before the session expired.

Additional Features.

  • Very intuitive UI.
  • Options for Add, Append, Prepend and Replace Values.
  • Supports Prices By User Role WooCommerce Plugin.
Bulk Edit Product Properties By,

  • Title
  • SKU (For Both Product and Variations)
  • Catalog Visibility
  • Shipping Class
  • Sale Price (%, $, +/-)
  • Regular Price (%, $, +/-)
  • Manage Stock
  • Stock Quantity
  • Allow Backorders
  • Stock Status
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight
  • And More.


Product Filters
Edit & Undo Updates


Last Updated: 28-February-2018

= 2.3.5 =
* Undo will now show the applied products.
= 2.3.4 =
* Woocommerce compatibility tag updated.
= 2.3.3 =
* Made Compatible with old version of WooCommerce.
= 2.3.2 =
* Removed Sale price issue when decreased by 100%.
= 2.3.1 =
* Fixed variations not getting modified and UI Improvements.
= 2.3.0 =
* Optimized algorithm for filtering products
= 2.2.3 =
* Improved Functionality.
= 2.2.2 =
* Notice and warnings fixed in error log.
= 2.2.1 =
* Compatible with Shipping Pro Plugin.
= 2.2.0 =
* Bulk Edit Products for WooCommerce Updated with compatible of WC2.7RC
= 2.1.0 =
* Advanced rounding feature for Sale and Regular price
= 2.0.8 =
* Bug Fixed for Naming Conflicts in jQuery and Event Unbinding.
= 2.0.7 =
* Bulk edit Bug fix Update with Decimal Position.
= 2.0.5 =
* Added option for switching regular price and sale price.
= 2.0.3 =
* Bug Fixes.
= 2.0.2 =
* Added option to set Flat amount for Regular and Sale price.
= 2.0.1 =
* Bug Fix: Update Sales Price on Products page.
* Minor UI Change.
= 2.0.0 =
* Added Undo option to cancel the last bulk editing.
* Updated UI.
= 1.1.2 =
* Optimization: Removing JavaScript Conflicts.
= 1.1.1 =
* Optimised Settings Page.
* Code optimisation.
* BugFixes.
= 1.0.7 =
* Stability Improvements.
= 1.0.7 =
* Stability Improvements.
= 1.0.3 =
* Activation Key Added.
* Content Changes.
= 1.0.1 =
* Cosmetic code changes.
= 1.0.0 =
* Set Filters using various parameters.
* Preview filtered products.
* Bulk update product attributes.

1 review for Bulk Edit Products, Prices & Attributes for WooCommerce

  1. Michael
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    We would recommend this plugin to anyone needing to do bulk editing of variable products in Woocommerce. (By March 2017) we had researched literally every bulk edit plugin out there and cocluded XAdapter´s Bulk Edit for Woocommerce is the best plugin on the market for doing bulk price changes, sale price changes, and bulk editing of many other product features. The interface is very clear and easy to use for our clients and even offers a rollback function. The support team´s follow-ups have been nothing but quick and reliable. The team even took our suggestions to implement a round function in order to get aesthetic prices after bulk price changes.

    PICADIA – The Netherlands

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Frequently Asked Questions

The plugin is very easy to configure. We have a step by step tutorial on setting up this plugin. Our Help Desk also has extensive documentation which includes FAQs, Troubleshooting Guide, Knowledge Base and Code snippets.

We update the plugin regularly. Please check the Changelog tab for the update history.

Yes! Rarely people purchase the wrong plugin or the plugin doesn’t work as expected. In any case, we will happily refund 100% of your money if requested within 30 days of purchase date.

  • Troy

    Troy - 1 month ago

    Can this plugin bulk delete?

  • Lorenzo

    Lorenzo - 1 month ago

    Hi Troy, Unfortunately with this plugin we do not have the option to bulk delete, but if you want to delete few of your products you can filter in woocommerce product page itself filter by category or product type and delete in bulk. Regards, Lorenzo

  • info1285

    info1285 - 1 month ago

    I have a shop with over 72,000 products, almost all variable products (over 113,000 variations in all), split between 65 suppliers (= product categories). Is your plugin going to be able to cope with filtering to, and then updating the prices of, tens of thousands of product variations in one go?

  • Lorenzo

    Lorenzo - 1 month ago

    Hi, Our plugin can handle only about 2000-3000 products else it will stop working, for your requirement our plugin will not be able to handle that many products. Regards, Lorenzo

  • rommel

    rommel - 2 months ago

    Does this plugin allow me to update images in bulk, e.g. need to refresh the images on hundreds of products.

  • Lorenzo

    Lorenzo - 2 months ago

    Hi, Unfortunately our plugin cannot edit or update the product images. Regards, Lorenzo

  • biswajit.paul

    biswajit.paul - 3 months ago

    Is it possible to update my existing product SKUs from ABC-123 to ABC_123 with this plugin?

  • Lorenzo

    Lorenzo - 3 months ago

    Hi, Yes you can replace the Word ABC- with ABC_ and the sku will be updated for all filtered products. Regards, Lorenzo

  • Mohammad

    Mohammad - 9 months ago

    Will this plugin work to add the attributes? The demo didn't really illustrate for me how the plugin actually works. I was able to import almost 800 products with their associated images, but the categories didn't match those I'd already set up in woocommerce and the attributes repeatedly failed to import at all. This was probably my user error, but now I need a way to quickly bulk edit these products.

  • Veeresh

    Veeresh - 9 months ago

    Hello Mohammed, Our Product import export plugin will definitely import and export product attributes and Images associated with products without any hassle. The number of products and attributes is not a constraint to the plugin. (We tried with 10000 products) Please go through the detailed documentation on how to import product attributes here:https://www.xadapter.com/woocommerce-import-products-with-attributes/ And how to import images: https://www.xadapter.com/woocommerce-import-products-with-images/ If you have any queries, Please raise a request to us HERE we will help you if fixing your issue. Regards, Veeresh Team XA

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