Is it possible tomatically present the possible delivery date, depending on the zone where the order will be sent?

WooCommerce stomatically present the estimated date of delivery, that in this example would be 5th August..?”

In this article, we will cover WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date plugin and how it calculates the estimated date of delivery based on the shipping zone.

Plugin Configuration

WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date plugin allows sto get a delivery date estimate for their shipments. In case of Jeff, since he requires a dedicated estimation for every shipping zone, it can be easily configured from the Shipping Zone section in the plugin settings. The image shows the shipping zone based delivery estimation configured in the plugin settings.

Zone based delivery estimates

Zone-based delivery estimates

Minimum Delivery Days

In the previous section, we covered the shipping zone based delivery estimation. However, WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date Plugin also have another option that may affect the delivery estimation. There is an option for setting up Minimum Delivery Days. If you have set up this option to the shipment.

Add minimum delivery days

Add minimum delivery days


This article covers WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date Shipping plugin. Using this article, WooCommerce sto define an estimated delivery date for the WooCommerce shipments based on their shipping zones.

If you have any suggestion regarding the article, feel free to share your views in the comment section below. We have also attached some details about the plugin that we had discussed in this article.

About the plugin

WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date Plugin

  • Get delivery estimates for your shipments
  • Provides delivery estimates based on
    • Shipping Zones
    • Shipping Classes
    • Shipping Methods
  • Premium Version Cost – $69

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