Is the plugin taking all dimensions and weight and making one mega product?

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Are you marking up the postage via the plugin? Is the plugin taking all dimensions and weight and making one mega product? The only other issue I can think of is my postal code in the backend. It is currently set as A1A 1A1 (with space) should it be A1A1A1 or is that irrelevant?


* The Postage is deducted atomically from your account when you print a label.

*Regarding packing options, It depends on the parcel packing method:
With Box Packing & Pack Items individually options dimensions & weight will be considered to calculate the shipping cost. Refer the details below:
Parcel Packing: WooForce plugin provides you three options to pack a parcel(s) as given below:
Pack Items Individually:  In this option, each item in the cart is packed separately. Total Shipping cost calculated by adding shipping cost of each item.
For example, The shipping cost of Item X is $10. If the customer adds two quantities of Item X to the cart,  then total shipping cost is  $10 x 2, which is $20.
Note: This is the default option.
Pack into boxes with weight and dimensions: If packing items individually do not suit to your business, then you can define required box sizes under Box Dimensions section. All the cart items are packed into custom boxes defined in Box Dimensions settings. The best fit box is auto chosen from the defined boxes. This is the recommended option.
Weight based: In this option, the weight of all the cart item is summed up and passed to UPS API to get rates.

For the issue regarding the Postal code, kindly ignore this as the postcode is sent to CanadaPost API (Without spaces).


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